Digitability Featured on TechCrunch


The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool, but it’s also a very dangerous place. Because of this, children with autism and other disabilities often can’t leverage the power of the web, which is a place where you should be able to learn anything.

But Digitability, a startup we discovered on our TC Philly Mini Meetup, is looking to educate autistic children about the Internet so they can have a safe surfing experience and enjoy social media like the rest of us. The service takes students through various modules, starting with lessons on what the Internet is and how to perform a web search.

From there, children learn about the difference between real content and spam, and learn to be weary of just about everything on the Internet. Eventually, once they’ve been educated on social media, students are able to create their own social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The students learn everything in an embedded browser environment, meaning there is a hefty layer of protection between them and the real Internet. This way, students learn safely and Digitability keeps itself liability-free.

The service has been picked up by various schools and clinics, and Digitability is looking to roll out further.