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Welcome to Digitability’s archive of on-demand professional webinars. Hosted by Michele McKeone, M. Ed., Digitability’s professional development webinars focus on how special education teachers and administrators can ensure students with a cognitive disability achieve their IEP goals to successfully transition to the workforce as independent self-advocates.

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Digitability's Most Recent Professional Development Webinars

How to Use Evidence-based Practices like Differentiation to Create an Inclusive Classroom 

During this professional development on-demand webinar, you'll step inside an autistic support classroom to learn how to use a variety of evidence-based practices.

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3 Proven Strategies to Teach Executive Function from a Harvard Fellow

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn proven strategies you can use to develop executive functioning for students with learning and behavioral disabilities, which are crucial to transitioning students into a tech-driven economy.

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The Internet is not YouTube: How to Transition Students into a Tech-Driven Economy

During this on-demand webinar, Michele McKeone, M. Ed., founder of Digitability, leads an interactive session on how educators and administrators are using scalable curriculum to teach students how to use technology in the workplace so they can get jobs and gain life independence.

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3 Ways to Use Facebook to Teach Workplace Socialization and Online Safety

This on-demand webinar focuses on teaching social skills to students with a cognitive disability, along with a free download of the "Power of Words" supplemental materials from Digitability.

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