UNIT 45 Communicating on LinkedIn

Objective: Student is able to distinguish appropriate communication methods for professional online networking.

It is important to understand the rules for communicating on LinkedIn. You can connect with friends, family or people you work with. You can also connect with someone you do NOT already know. If you already know the person you want to connect with on LinkedIn, you can request a connection. You will need to include a professional message when you request to connect. To request an introduction, you will need to tell your connection why you want to connect with them. Sharing content on LinkedIn will update your network on topics like exciting news, recent changes, and your professional interests. To endorse your connection, click on the plus sign next to the skill you want to endorse. Recruiters or companies can review your recommendations, and a connection can send you a recommendation request.

Lesson 1:

Communicating on LinkedIn

 Lesson 2:

Who Should I Connect With?

Lesson 3:

How to Request a Connection

Lesson 4:

Asking a Connection for an Introduction

Lesson 5:

Sharing Content in LinkedIn

Lesson 6:

Endorsing a Connection

Lesson 7:

Requesting a Recommendation

Lesson 8:

How to Write a Recommendation

Lesson 9:

Communicating on LinkedIn Master Badge