UNIT 41 Creating Content in LinkedIn

Objective: Student is able to identify helpful tools on LinkedIn.

You can view your connections on LinkedIn. To see your connections, click on the My Network Icon on the Toolbar.  To see jobs on LinkedIn, click the Jobs Icon on the toolbar. You will be taken to a new page. You can message connections on LinkedIn. To message connections, click the Messaging Icon on the Toolbar. When you click the Notification Icon, a dropdown will appear. This dropdown will have all of your notifications in it. To access your Settings and Privacy page in LinkedIn, click the Account Settings Button. After you click the account Settings Button, a dropdown will appear. Click the settings and privacy link. To sign out of your account in LinkedIn, click the account Settings Button.

Lesson 1:

My Network Page

 Lesson 2:

Jobs Page

Lesson 3:

Messaging Page

Lesson 4:

Notification Page

Lesson 5:

Settings and Privacy Page

Lesson 6:

Signing Out of Your Account

Lesson 7:

Creating Content in LinkedIn Master Badge