UNIT 39 — Understanding LinkedIn

Objective: Student is able to identify functions of LinkedIn.

A professional network is focused on building professional relationships. An example of a professional network is LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to create a profile, connect with professionals, search jobs and share content. Professionals use LinkedIn to make connections with other professionals. On LinkedIn, you can see your connections and their profiles. Your profile includes information like your work history, your education and your skills. Adding an image will help people find your profile in LinkedIn. When you connect with people on LinkedIn, they can endorse your skills, recommend you as a professional, and request a recommendation. When you go to the Jobs page, it will show you job openings that have been posted by companies and recruiters on Linkedin. Recruiters will post jobs on LinkedIn. Recruiters may also contact you if they think you are a great fit for their company.

Lesson 1:

What is a Professional Network?

 Lesson 2:

What is LinkedIn?

Lesson 3:

What is a Connection?

Lesson 4:

What is a Profile?

Lesson 5:

What is a LinkedIn Profile Image?

Lesson 6:

Endorsements and Recommendations

Lesson 7:

Search for Jobs on LinkedIn

Lesson 8:

What is a Recruiter?

Lesson 9:

Understanding LinkedIn Master Badge