UNIT 38 — Collaborating with Communication Tools

Objective: Student is able to manipulate the collaborating tools in Google Drive.

You can comment and chat while working on a project. To comment in a Google Drive application, click on the ‘Add Comment’ icon. Notifications will be comments and replies from you and your collaborators. If you have a notification, you will see a red circle on the Comment Icon. To reply to a comment, click on the comment in the margin. A Reply Field will appear. Click into the Reply Field, then click the blue Reply Button. Your collaborator will see your reply. You can click the Resolve Button to tell the collaborator you have accepted their feedback or have answered their question. To chat with a collaborator, click the Chat Icon.

Lesson 1:

Collaborating Communication Tools in Google Drive

 Lesson 2:

Making Comments

Lesson 3:


Lesson 4:

Replying to Comments

Lesson 5:

Resolving Comments

Lesson 6:

Chatting in Google Drive

Lesson 7:

Collaborating with Communication Tools in Google Drive Master Badge