UNIT 37 — Collaborating with Edit Tools

Objective: Student is able to manipulate collaboration tools for editing in their Google Drive account.

You can collaborate using edit tools in Google Drive. You can switch from the Editing Mode to the Suggesting Mode or to the Viewing Mode. When you click on the dropdown menu, you can choose the suggesting mode, the editing mode or the viewing mode. When you make changes to your doc in Editing mode, all changes are saved instantly. When you use the Suggesting Mode, your edits become Suggestions. Suggestions made to your doc will be in green. When you choose the Viewing Mode, you or your collaborator can preview your document. To see your Version History, click on the hyperlink that says “All Changes Saved in Drive.”

Lesson 1:

Collaborating with Edit Tools in Google Drive

 Lesson 2:

The Collaboration Mode Menu

Lesson 3:

The Editing Mode

Lesson 4:

The Suggesting Mode

Lesson 5:

The Viewing Mode

Lesson 6:

How to See Changes Made to Your Document

Lesson 7:

Collaboration with Editing Tools in Google Drive Master Badge