UNIT 35 — Collaboration in the Cloud

Objective: Student is able to describe methods of collaborating in the cloud.

You can share your doc by using a link or by using email. When you work with someone else on a document, they are called a Collaborator. When you share your doc with a collaborator, they will always see the most recent version of your doc. You can choose to let collaborators edit your doc, comment on your doc, or view your doc. When a collaborator is working on your document, you will see their Collaborator’s Icon. Google Drive keeps your documents, edits, and comments all in one place.

Lesson 1:

Collaboration in the Cloud

 Lesson 2:

Collaboration in Google Docs

Lesson 3:

Save Time

Lesson 4:

Editing with Collaborators

Lesson 5:

How to Tell When Someone is in Your Doc

Lesson 6:

Staying Organized

Lesson 7:

Collaboration in the Cloud Master Badge