UNIT 32 — Understanding Google Forms

Objective: Student is able to identify the functions of Google Forms.

You can use a form like Google Forms or Microsoft Forms to create a quiz, a survey, a questionnaire, a poll, a test, or a sign up sheet for your company. You can use Google Forms to create, edit, and share Forms. Multiple people view, edit, and fill out the same form at the same time. The questions you create will be seen by people that you sent your form to. The Type of Response you choose will change the way someone fills in the answer to a question you created. The Content Tools on the Toolbar are Add Question, Add Title, Add Description, Add Image, Add Video, and Add Section. After you create a form, you can send it to people to be filled out by clicking the Send Button. You can change general options, the presentation, and set your form to a quiz in the Settings Options. Linking a spreadsheet with Google Form responses will help you keep track of and share the responses you receive.

Lesson 1:

What is a Form?

 Lesson 2:

What is a Google Form?

Lesson 3:

Why are Google Forms Used?

Lesson 4:

Adding Questions to Your Form

Lesson 5:

Types of Responses

Lesson 6:

Adding Content Tools

Lesson 7:

Sharing Your Form with Others to Complete

Lesson 8:

Settings Options

Lesson 9:

Linking Form Responses to a Spreadsheet

Lesson 10:

Understanding Google Forms Master Badge