UNIT 30 — Google Sheets Interface

Objective: Student is able to navigate the interface of Google Sheets

The Google Sheets file name is located at the top-left corner. There is a Folder Icon on your Google Sheets. The Google Sheets Menu Bar is made up of many different menus. Each menu helps you edit, save, view and more. The Toolbar is located at the top of your sheet under the Menu Bar. The Formula Bar is located at the top of your sheet under the Toolbar. A Column is located under the Formula Bar and has a letter on it. A Row is located on the left of your sheet and has a number on it. Comments that are created are located inside the cell that the collaborator puts it in. A cell that has a Comment in it will have a triangle at the right corner of the cell. The Collaborator Bubbles are located at the top of your spreadsheet on the right side.

Lesson 1:

Name of Your Spreadsheets

 Lesson 2:

Google Sheets Folder Icon

Lesson 3:

Menu Bar

Lesson 4:

Google Sheets Toolbar

Lesson 5:


Lesson 6:

Formula Bar

Lesson 7:

Columns and Rows

Lesson 8:

Add Sheets Button

Lesson 9:

Collaborator Bubbles in Google Sheets

Lesson 10:

Comments in Google Sheets

Lesson 11:

Google Sheets Interface Master Badge