UNIT 29 — Understanding Google Sheets

Objective: Student is able to identify the functions of Google Sheets.

You can use a spreadsheet to create schedules, lists, purchase orders, and other data files. Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application that lets multiple people view and edit the same spreadsheet at the same time. A Cell is a box you can enter a piece of data into. Rows and Columns help you locate each cell. Working in more than one spreadsheet can help organize related spreadsheets. You will see many options for editing your spreadsheet. When you share your spreadsheet, another person will be able to see, edit, and comment on your sheet. After you download your spreadsheet, your Google Sheets file will still be in your Google Drive.

Lesson 1:

What is a Spreadsheet?

 Lesson 2:

What is Google Sheets?

Lesson 3:

Collaboration in Google Sheets

Lesson 4:

What are Cells?

Lesson 5:

What are Rows and Columns?

Lesson 6:

Working With Multiple Sheets

Lesson 7:

Google Sheets Toolbar

Lesson 8:

Share Button

Lesson 9:

Downloading Google Sheets

Lesson 10:

Understanding Google Sheets Master Badge