UNIT 28 Creating Content in Google Slides

Objective: Student is able to create content in Google Slides.

To create a presentation using Google Slides, first open your Google Drive. Click on the phrase “Google Slides” to open a new presentation. You can name your Google Slides presentation to help you stay organized! You can scroll through the Theme Menu and choose a theme. You can use the New Slide Icon to create a slide in Google Slides. You can edit slide layouts using the Layout Icon in Google Slides. To add text, click in the Text Box and begin typing on the keyboard. To add images to a slide, first, click the Image Icon. Then, click on the Presentation Button when you are ready to showcase your Google Slides presentation. Sharing your presentation in Google Slides can help you get feedback from your peers or colleagues.

Lesson 1:

Accessing Google Slides

 Lesson 2:

Naming Your Google Slides File

Lesson 3:

Choose a Theme

Lesson 4:

Creating New Slides

Lesson 5:

Changing Slide Layouts

Lesson 6:

Editing Text in Google Slides

Lesson 7:

Adding Images in Google Slides

Lesson 8:

The Present Button

Lesson 9:

Collaborating in Google Slides 

Lesson 10:

Google Slides Master Badge