UNIT 27 Google Slides Interface

Objective: Student is able to navigate the interface of Google Slides.

Naming your Google Slides file helps you understand what the topic of your presentation is. There is a Folder Icon on your Google Slides. The Google Slides Menu Bar is made up of many different menus. Each menu helps you edit, save, view, and more. The Toolbar is located at the top of your doc under the Menu Bar. The Changing Views Tab is located at the bottom of your presentation on the left. The Collaborator Bubbles show you who is viewing your presentation. The Present Button is located at the top of your presentation next to the Share Button. The Comment Icon is located at the top of your presentation next to the Collaborator Bubbles. Comments that are created are located in the right margin.

Lesson 1:

Google Slides File Name

 Lesson 2:

Google Slides Folder Icon

Lesson 3:

Google Slides Menu Bar

Lesson 4:

Google Slides Toolbar

Lesson 5:

Changing Views in Google Slides

Lesson 6:

Collaborator Bubbles in Google Slides

Lesson 7:

Google Slides Presenting Button

Lesson 8:

Comments in Google Slides

Lesson 9:

Google Slides Interface Master Badge