UNIT 25 Editing Content in Google Docs

Objective: Student is able to create content in Google Docs.

To work in Google Drive, you will click on the Google Drive Icon. In Google Drive, you can create a new Google Doc by clicking on the New Button. You can name your Google Doc to help you stay organized. You can use the Toolbar to change the size of your text, make it bold, change the color and more. You can also share your Google Doc with others. To share your Google Doc, click the Share Button. You can choose the type of word processing file you want to download.

Lesson 1:

Accessing Your Google Docs

 Lesson 2:

Creating a New Google Doc

Lesson 3:

Naming Your Google Doc

Lesson 4:

Adding and Editing Text to Your Doc

Lesson 5:

Sharing Your Doc

Lesson 6:

Downloading Your Doc

Lesson 7:

Editing Content in Google Docs Master Badge