UNIT 24 Google Docs Interface

Objective: Student is able to navigate the interface of Google Docs.

A Google Doc’s name is at the top-left corner of your doc. The Folder Icon shows you what folder your doc is saved in. The Menu Bar is at the top of your doc under the name of your doc. The Toolbar is at the top of your doc under the Menu Bar of your doc. The Collaborator Bubbles are at the top of your doc on the right of your doc. The Comment Icon is at the top of your doc next to the Collaborator Bubbles. The Outline View is at the left of your doc.

Lesson 1:

Google Doc Name

 Lesson 2:

Google Docs Folder Icon

Lesson 3:

Google Docs Menu Bar

Lesson 4:

Google Docs Toolbar

Lesson 5:

Collaborator Bubbles

Lesson 6:

Comments in Google Docs

Lesson 7:

Outline View in Google Docs

Lesson 8:

Google Docs Interface Master Badge