UNIT 9 — Using Email

Objective: Student is able to demonstrate comprehension of the essential concepts in using email.

To send and receive emails, you will need to create an email account. When another person sends you an email, the email will arrive at your personal email account. If someone wants to send you an email, they will need your email address. When you give your email to someone, you are giving your personal information. You need to be very careful with whom you share your email address. Do not post your email address on public websites. Do not share your email with people you do not know.

Lesson 1:

Using Email

Lesson 2:

Email Account

Lesson 3:

Email Address

Lesson 4:

Sending an Email

Lesson 5:

Receiving an Email 

Lesson 6:

Email Rules

Lesson 7:

Response Time

Lesson 8:

Appropriate Sharing

Lesson 9:

Email Attachments

Lesson 10:

Sharing Email Addresses with Others

Lesson 11:

Using Email Master Badge