UNIT 22 — Google Drive Interface

Objective: Student is able to navigate the interface in Google Drive.

To access your Google Drive, you can click on the 9 boxes at the top, right-hand corner of the window before clicking the Google Drive icon. The View pane displays all of your files. The View pane is the largest part of the Google Drive window. This is the Google Drive menu. It’s located under the red New Button. When you click on the words in the menu, only the files in that category will appear in your view pane. The Search Bar helps you find specific files. When you enter a keyword, Google Drive will display files that match your search in the View pane. The Action Buttons will appear when a file is selected. Use the Action Buttons to get a link to share with a specific person, preview, delete and more! The Create Button lets you start a new Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, or other Google Document. You can also create a new folder and upload a file to your Google Drive by clicking on the New Button. The “Move to” Action Button helps you organize related files into folders.

Lesson 1:

Looking at Google Drive

Lesson 2:

The View Pane

Lesson 3:

The Google Drive Menu

Lesson 4:

Searching Your Files

Lesson 5:

Action Buttons

Lesson 6:

New Button

Lesson 7:

Organizing Your Files

Lesson 8:

Google Drive Interface Master Badge