UNIT 19 — Creating Events in Google Calendar

Objective: Student is able to execute the steps to creating an event in Google Calendar.

To access your Google Calendar, click on the Calendar link. You can click on the Create Button to add a new event to your calendar. The title of your event tells you what the event is about. You will enter the date of the event into the 'Date' field. You will enter the start and end time of your event. The location of the event is where you will go to get to the event. The description of the event is what you plan to do during the event or where you type any notes for that event. You can tell someone else about the event you created by inviting them as a guest to the event. After you have added all of your event information, you need to save the event.

Lesson 1:

How Do I Access my Google Calendar?

Lesson 2:

Creating an Event

Lesson 3:

What is an Event Title?

Lesson 4:

When is the Event?

Lesson 5:

What Time is the Event?

Lesson 6:

Where is the Event's Location?

Lesson 7:

What is an Event Description?

Lesson 8:

Inviting a Guest to Your Event

Lesson 9:

Save Your Event

Lesson 10:

Creating Events in Google Calendar Master Badge