UNIT 17 — Gmail Search

Objective: Student is able to perform a Gmail inbox search.

You can search your mail in your Gmail inbox to find emails in your Gmail account. The Gmail search will look for your keywords in the 'To' field, the 'Subject' field, the 'Body' field and even in the attachment file name. To search for a message in your Gmail account, you will type in the keywords of the email you are trying to find. Then click on the search icon. After you enter the keywords of the email you are trying to find, you will view the email search results in your inbox. When you click on the 'Back to search results' arrow, you will go back to your Gmail search results list.

Lesson 1:

What is a Gmail Search?

Lesson 2:

Keywords in a Gmail Search

Lesson 3:

How Do I Search in Gmail?

Lesson 4:

Gmail Search Results

Lesson 5:

Back to Search Results

Lesson 6:

Gmail Search Master Badge