UNIT 16 — Gmail Formatting

Objective: Student is able to format Gmail messages.

To format the text, you must first highlight the text. Highlighting the text means that you are using your pointer to select the text you want to format. The first formatting button is the letter A with a line underneath of it. When you click on this button, another menu will pop out. You can use these buttons to edit the text you have typed in your email. You can change the font, the size, make the text bold, make the text italic, make the text underlined, changed the text color and when you click on the + icon, you will see more icons appear! You must also know how not to format your emails.

Lesson 1:

Formatting Email

Lesson 2:

How Do I Format My Text?

Lesson 3:

Highlighting Text

Lesson 4:

Bold Text

Lesson 5:

More Formatting Options

Lesson 6:

The Plus Icon

Lesson 7:

Formatting Rules

Lesson 8:

Formatting Email Master Badge