UNIT 15 — Gmail Contacts

Objective: Student is able to manage Gmail contacts.

You can store your contact’s first and last name, email address, phone number and more. You can view, edit and organize your contacts from the Gmail contacts list. The My Contacts Menu will list every contact saved to your Gmail account. You will be able to see the information that has been saved for each contact. You can edit the profile information of each of your contacts. Organizing your contacts into groups will make frequent sharing with these contacts easier. After you have added people to your contact list, you can put them into a group. Your group will be listed in the Contact Menu under My Contacts. You can add contacts to the groups you create.

Lesson 1:

What is a Contact?

Lesson 2:

Saving Contacts

Lesson 3:

Contact Manager

Lesson 4:

Editing Contact Information

Lesson 5:

How Can I Organize My Contacts?

Lesson 6:

How Do I Create a Group?

Lesson 7:

Adding Another Contact to a Group

Lesson 8:

How Do I Remove a Contact Group?

Lesson 9:

Return to Inbox

Lesson 10:

Sending an Email to Your Group

Lesson 11:

Gmail Contacts Master Badge