UNIT 14 — Creating a Google Account

Objective: Student is able to create a Google Account.

With a Google account, you can use website applications. You know that to get started creating an account in Google, you will first visit www.google.com. You will click 'Sign in.' Then, you will click on the ‘Create an account for free’ hyperlink. You know that you will type your first name, last name, username, password, birthday and gender into the fields. You can skip the email and phone number fields. Next, you will let Google know that you are not a robot. Lastly, you must agree to the terms of service and hit the Next Step Button.

Lesson 1:

Visiting Google to Create an Account

Lesson 2:

Entering Your Name

Lesson 3:

Choose a Username

Lesson 4:

Creating a Password

Lesson 5:

Enter Your Birthday

Lesson 6:

Select a Gender

Lesson 7:

Skipping Fields

Lesson 8:

Prove You Are Not a Robot

Lesson 9:

Terms of Service

Lesson 10:

Creating a Google Account Master Badge