UNIT 13 — Spam

Objective: Student is able to recognize and evaluate email spam.

Spam can be email messages trying to sell you something or email messages that are trying to steal your information. Phishing is a type of spam email that tries to trick you into sharing your personal information. This spam will want to you use your personal information to steal from you. Phishing emails may even look like a company you know and trust, such as your bank. They may even use the company’s logo in the email to make it look real. To be safe, do NOT open an attachment that you weren’t expecting. If a friend sends you an attachment, you should ask them if they really sent it to you before you open it. If you receive an email from an address you do not know, do NOT click on the hyperlink. An email that is trying to steal your account username and password may include a hyperlink to a fake website. The website might look just like the real website. A chain mail will ask you to send the email to other people. As a rule, do NOT forward these emails to other people.

Lesson 1:

Email Spam

Lesson 2:


Lesson 3:

Spam Attachments

Lesson 4:

Spam Hyperlinks

Lesson 5:

Chain Emails

Lesson 6:

Spam Master Badge