UNIT 12 — Receiving an Email

Objective: Student is able to manage receiving email within a Gmail account.

When you click on the email in your inbox, you will open the full email. You can always go back to your inbox by clicking the word 'Inbox.' When you are finished reading an email, you can choose to reply to the email or forward the email to someone else. If you receive an email with an attachment, the attachment will be at the bottom of your email. You can click ‘View’ to see an attachment or you can click download to save the attachment to your computer.

Lesson 1:

Opening Email

Lesson 2:

Replying to Email

Lesson 3:

Forwarding Email

Lesson 4:

Receiving a Forwarded Email

Lesson 5:

Email Conversations

Lesson 6:

Receiving Attachments

Lesson 7:

Downloading Attachments

Lesson 8:

Receiving an Email Master Badge