UNIT 11 — Sending an Email in Gmail

Objective: Student is able to execute the steps required to send an email.

The Compose Button is what you click when you want to compose or create a new email. The 'To' field is where you type the email address of the person or people you are sending an email to. If you want to send an email to more than one person, you will add a comma after each email address you type. The 'Subject' field tells the reader what the email is about. The subject should be a short description — no more than 4 words or one short sentence. The 'Body' field is where you will type your email message. When you click the Send Button, your email will be sent to the email address you typed in the 'To' field. Gmail will send the email and then keep it in your Sent Mail folder. If you start an email but are not finished or ready to send it, you can save it. When you save an email, the email will be in your 'Drafts' folder. You can click the 'Drafts' folder to go back to your email. When you are done sending emails, you can sign out of your...

Lesson 1:

Compose Mail Button

Lesson 2:

'To' Field

Lesson 3:

Sending an Email to More Than One Person

Lesson 4:

'Subject' Field

Lesson 5:

The Email Body

Lesson 6:

Send Button

Lesson 7:

Sending an Attachment

Lesson 8:

Save an Email

Lesson 9:

Sending an Email in Gmail Master Badge