UNIT 7 — Google

Objective: You need to create a Google account to be able to use all of Google’s applications. Google’s email application is called Gmail. You can use Google Docs to create and share different types of documents on the internet. You can use Google Calendar to keep track of your daily schedule and tasks. You can use Youtube to watch videos, post your own videos, comment on others' videos and create playlists. Google+ is Google’s social network. Google+ lets you create circles of people and decide who goes in each circle. You can use Blogger to create your own website and write posts. You can write posts that express your thoughts, feelings, interests and more. You can explore all of the services Google offers by visiting their website.

Unit 7 Overview

Lesson 1:

Google Services

Lesson 2:


Lesson 3:

Google Docs

Lesson 4:

Google Calendar

Lesson 5:


Lesson 6: 

Google Plus

Lesson 7:

Picasa Web

Lesson 8:


Lesson 9:

Google Master Badge