UNIT 6 — Connecting on the Internet

Objective: Connecting on the internet means being able to communicate with people online. Email is an application that lets you send and receive messages on the internet. People can also send instant messages to each other very quickly through a chat. Chatting is a way to have a conversation on the internet. A voice chat lets you hear the person you are chatting with while a video chat lets you hear AND see the person you are chatting with. You can connect with many people at the same time on the internet using social networks. A blog is a website that lets you write about the things that are interesting to you. A blog post can have text, photos, videos and more.

Unit 6 Overview

Lesson 1:


Lesson 2:

Connecting with Email

Lesson 3:

Connecting with Chat

Lesson 4:

Connecting with Voice Chat

Lesson 5:

Connecting with Video Chat

Lesson 6: 

Streaming Media

Lesson 7:

Social Network

Lesson 8:

The Like Button

Lesson 9:

Connecting with Blogs

Lesson 10:

Connecting on the Internet Master Badge