UNIT 2 Browser Basics

Unit Objectives:

  • Digital Literacy — SWBAT operate the basic elements of a browser
  • Literacy and Language — SWBAT increase expressive/receptive language abilities through lesson participation and social games/activities
  • Social Skills — SWBAT demonstrate giving, receiving and interpreting feedback from peers
  • Comprehension — SWBAT summarize lesson content in verbal, gestural or written form through both group and independent activities
  • Transition SWBAT identify various employment pathways and utilize workplace readiness tools
  • Financial Literacy —  SWBAT demonstrate, both verbally and through written activities, the basic principles of earning, spending and budgeting

Unit 2 Overview

Lesson 1:

What are Browsers?

Lesson 2:

Types of Browsers

Lesson 3:

Browser Icons

Lesson 4:

Opening Browsers

Lesson 5:

Browser Window

Lesson 6:


Lesson 7:

Address Bar

Lesson 8:

Deleting a URL

Lesson 9:

Entering a URL

Lesson 10:

Window Icons

Lesson 11:

Backward & Forward

Lesson 12:


Lesson 13:

Scroll Bar

Lesson 14:

Browser Basics Master Badge