Free Digitability Activities

Free Digitability Activities


Do Digitability Activities with Your Student at Home

Explanation of Activity: The Exit Ticket portion of the Digitability lesson plan provides your student with the opportunity to develop and strengthen their expressive and receptive language abilities.


Modified for at-home use with siblings and/or friends, students can practice their public speaking skills using critically important digital literacy vocabulary, as well as an optional video game writing activity (Unit 1, Lesson 1: What is the Internet?).

Unit 1, Lesson 1: What is the Internet?

In this early lesson, students are given a working definition for the internet and learn how it works.

Unit 5, Lesson 3: Private Information?

In this lesson, students learn to differentiate public and private information when sharing online.

Unit 23, Lesson 2: What is Google Docs?

In this lesson, students learn to what a Google Doc is and what you can use them for.

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