Are you 100% confident that your child is learning work-ready skills required to get a job in the tech-driven workforce?

If your child's school isn't providing today's pre-employment and transition services, then you have the power to change that!

Digitability is the only award-winning curriculum used in classrooms across the US to teach digital literacy, social skills and job-readiness to people with a cognitive disability. Digitability prepares students for meaningful employment and to become independent, self-advocates.

If your child's school isn't using Digitability's proven program to build a skill-based portfolio and the social skills for the workplace, then you can advocate for your child to get the pre-employment and transition services they deserve by simply using the advocacy form on the sidebar.

Watch What a Teacher Says about Using Digitability in Her High School Autistic Support Classroom

This video takes you inside the Digitability classroom, where Dawn and her students are learning tech, social and work-ready skills. Digitability's Classroom Economy also teaches financial literacy, the value of money and money management.

As you can see in the video, Digitability transforms the classroom into an 'economy' to simulate work and life situations which teach people with cognitive disabilities how to become independent.

Advocate for Your Child

Once you complete the form, a member of the Digitability team can reach out to you and your school's administrator so they can learn more about the Digitability program by seeing a free demo! We thank all of our parents for being the most important advocates for their children. By advocating for your child, you are advocating for students everywhere.

"As a parent, I can tell you that Digitability is a rare find. I signed up for Digitability to give my child something engaging, but also teaches valuable skills.

Digitability does this in a manner that keeps my child coming back for more! Plus, we can do it together, so I’m learning new skills too!" 

-- Leslie Baretta, parent of an exceptional child


Advocate for your Student’s Independence

Please use this form to advocate for student independence & professional development for teachers!