Evidence-based Practices Library for Professional Development

The IEP Goal Bank for Students with Autism

The IEP Goal Bank for Students with Autism How you can address multiple IEP & transition goals for students with...

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“One size doesn’t fit all!” How to use differentiation in your instruction Differentiation is tough, but an integral part of...

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“Speak up so I can hear you!” How to help students communicate their needs. Communication: In order to empower our...

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Increasing Assistance

“Is the Word You’re Thinking About Called Prom…” How to use prompting to increase the probability that a desired behavior...

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Increasing Attendance to a Task

  “It looks like you are listening!” Helping students increase their attendance to a task Increasing attendance is the effort...

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Probing Questions

  “Why do you think it’s important to know how to use email in a work setting?” Using Probing Questions...

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Accessing Prior Knowledge

  “I know that you know…” Accessing prior knowledge to make new connections What does, accessing prior knowledge mean? Accessing...

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Knowledge of Student

“Smarty pants!” Making connections using background knowledge of students. Demonstrating knowledge of students is imperative for connecting content to the...

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Peer Encouragement

“Way to go, Robert!”  Peer Encouragement to Improve learning   To create a healthy, positive learning environment, teachers can foster...

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Positive Narration

  Hey you! Don’t stop doing that! Using Positive Narration for Behavior Positive Narration is the act of drawing attention...

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Positive Reinforcement

  TBD How to use positive reinforcement to strengthen behavior. Description: Positive reinforcement is used to strengthen a behaviour by...

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Immediate Feedback

“Everyone loves feedback!” Delivering immediate feedback to increase engagement and motivation. Immediate Feedback is a method to encourage and motivate...

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