Special Educators use Digitability's pre-employment transition program to teach students with work-ready skills for the tech-driven workforce.

Digitability enables workplace inclusion for people with cognitive disabilities

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Real world work simulations

We use ABA principles to create real-world work simulations


Professional development

Ongoing, strategic Professional Development ensure impact goals are reached


Interactive curriculum

Simultaneously teaches communication, time and task management and transition planning


Personalized learning

Differentiated materials empower every individual


Data reporting & analytics

Track student progress and teacher effectiveness


Behavior program

Research-based behavior techniques engages, motivates and reinforces student achievement while developing social skills

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Managing special education can be overwhelming. Digitability makes it easy.

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Each lesson plan is differentiated for each level of learner. See how Digitability drives student success!

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Alton Strange

Transition Coordinator, School District of Philadelphia

"Digitability combines skill enhancement and real world applications that assist students with learning how to understand, interact, and develop the tools to find their voice in this world."


Patrick Timony

Adaptive Technology Librarian, DC Public Library

"Digitability is impressive and very useful for students with and without disabilities learning to use technology in the classroom."


Dennis Morgan

Executive Director for Educational Services, Bancroft

I also have a vested interest in ensuring that our students are fully equipped to live their lives fully and safely in this digital age. ... Digitability helps facilitate that inclusiveness for people of varied abilities, including those on the autism spectrum, in a way no other technology-based business does.

Jane Cordero, M. Ed.

Autistic Support Teacher, High School Transition Coordinator

Digitability reminds me to use the correct terminology when teaching skill development.

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